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Creating Email Marketing Opt-in Forms

By July 3, 2023July 21st, 2023No Comments

Hello, this is Mikel with Frog Web Studios. I want to talk a little bit today about what we refer to as a process page in a website. It doesn’t have to be titled “Process”, but essentially what it’s doing is featuring or describing or highlighting what it’s like to work with you or your company.

In that particular page, it might be a step-by-step process of what it’s like what or what it would be like to engage with or work with your company. Oftentimes, we have clients who will create videos that reside on that page that kind of go through that step-by-step process of what it would be like to work with them, what the benefits of it would be. It often describes how easy it is to work with them because a lot of people or potential clients look at your services and they’re thinking “gosh I don’t know if I want to do this it might be more than I can handle”.

But if you really show how easy it is on a step-by-step basis, in terms of the process to work with your company, and to engage with your company, and also everything that you offer along the way, it can really help remove some of the mental hurdles that someone would have. Not necessarily to work with you, but at least to contact you. A lot of people who come to your website don’t reach out to you because there’s some kind of hesitancy or some reluctance, and a process page can be a really great tool to help remove some of that resistance and to encourage them to take the next step to contact you.

And then once they contact, you can really answer their questions and their concerns they may have. It’s a really good page in terms of educating your visitors on what you do, how you do it, and what the steps would be like to work with you.

There’s a really good book that we recommend called “Building a Story Brand”. And we’ve recommended to many of our clients as well. They have a section describing that particular web page as an important web page on a website.

If you work with us or whomever you work with, can help label the page so that really applies to your business and it can be a really prominent page in the website. It could be linked right from the home page or you might even have a short section on the home page that discusses that step-by-step process. We would definitely recommend considering something like that for your website.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime if you’d like to explore a Process page on your website!

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