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Using Your Website for Recruitment

By July 3, 2023July 21st, 2023No Comments

Hello this is Mikel with Frog Web Studios. I want to talk a little bit about a career page or a website that’s also a recruitment website as well. Whether you have a large company or a small company, if you’re growing in any way shape or form your website’s probably going to play a role in your recruitment.

Most people when they’re looking at considering a company, one of the first things they’ll do is go to the company website and that’s a factor in the hiring process. That’s where they’ll learn about the company, not only to help them with the interview process, but also to help them decide if that’s the company they really want to want to work with or work for. So, the aesthetics of your website and just having a quality website in general is going to be helpful in inspiring someone to work with a company.

Second thing is some of the important things that need to be displayed on your website is your team.  Oftentimes, when someone’s considering you know a company and they’re looking at a company  is looking at the team, learning as much about the culture, your services, and your processes. Video can be a really great tool for educating your potential  employees on what you do and how you do it.

You may want to decide whether or not to have a careers page on your website that’s displaying the positions. Many of our clients and many of the websites that we built have career pages and that could be really helpful to a visitor because it can show that there you know gives them an idea of what you’re hiring for and who you’re looking for as well. And also if someone just happens to stumble across your website and they see the careers page and they’re a good potential fit, they may not have known that you’re hiring, so careers page can be a really good tool in that respect.

And if you have a careers page, you can integrate with some kind of job board or some kind of recruitment tool to integrate positions into your website and other functionality to help facilitate that as well. Your website is a very important part of the recruitment and or hiring process; if nothing else from the perspective of that, whoever you end up hiring or potentially hiring will go to your website and then and that’ll be one of the things they’ll use to judge the business.

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