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Converting a Website to WordPress

By July 3, 2023July 21st, 2023No Comments

Hello this is Mikel with Frog Web Studios. Today I’d like to talk a little bit about a  website conversion. Now a website conversion could actually mean several different things.  In this context it means converting an existing website to a different backend or a different platform or different framework.

Typically when we work with clients that have a higher quality design they don’t really need to upgrade their design, but they’re having issues with the back end with their content management system or with functionality or with performance or with security.  And in those instances, we’ll oftentimes recommend a website conversion from whatever platform they’re on to a newer version of WordPress which is the platform that we recommend using.

The nice thing about a website conversion is that it can keep your costs down versus starting from scratch. If you have a nice site and are only experiencing issues with the platform, it can be a great solution. If you are looking to upgrade the design and move to WordPress, we’ll recommend instead that a client does a website redesign project with UX strategy and new design mockups.

The other benefit of a website conversion is that if you’re having those issues we can pretty much make those issues go away and retain the quality and the aesthetics of the design almost exactly by converting it to a WordPress framework or WordPress platform, especially the newer versions of WordPress. There’s so many advantages of a WordPress web design over some of the other content management systems or platforms like Joomla or Drupal or any of the other smaller tier ones as well.

Sometimes, these projects can be a WordPress to WordPress conversion, but the focus of the project is to rebuild the site with user-friendly tools on WordPress. You could have had your site built by a company that either didn’t do a good job or  didn’t use the right framework or and it might be security issues or performance issues or difficulty in editing and maintaining and managing your website, so website conversion can be a good  approach depending on the circumstance.

If you have a nice design  and just having other issues with your website, it’s something to consider. If you have any  questions about converting a website to WordPress, feel free to contact us.

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