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To blog or not to blog?

By July 7, 2023No Comments

To blog or not to blog?


That is the question…

You don’t need to be a blogger to use a blog on your website and take advantage of the many benefits of having a blog.

Here are 10 reasons to have a blog on your website:

1. Turns your website from a promotional site to an educational site. Regardless of your industry, you have valuable knowledge that your clients and potential clients are seeking. Become a trusted resource to them.

2. It is very difficult to get traction in the search engines without using a blog. One of the primary factors that Google will use in ranking your site will be the quality and quantity of content. A blog is an excellent tool to archive content without making your site overwhelming to navigate.

3. The content in your blog can be easily re-purposed and connected with your social media and email marketing efforts. Use a blog to maximize your results and to minimize your marketing efforts.

4. It’s easier than you think. Many are intimidated by the idea of starting a blog, but they are simply mechanisms that allow you to archive educational content on your website. You don’t need to blog every day. In fact, you could write a short article just a few times a month to get the benefits of a blog.

5. Blog posts can be short. In fact, a short blog post that is easy to read is more effective. You can even write multiple short blog posts on one great topic or idea.

6. You can write multiple posts and schedule them. Once you get used to writing blog posts, you could sit down and write multiple posts in a very short period time. Then, you can schedule them to post onto the website over a period of time.

7. Blog posts don’t need to be written. Consider shooting multiple video blogs (vlogs) at one time and then scheduling them into your blog. Video blogs tend to have a higher engagement rate. Take a look at our blog, in which we are primarily using video blogs:

8. Boost your ranking by integrating keywords into blog posts.  Be sure to use keywords in your blog that are aligned with what people will search for when seeking your products or services. This will give you more ranking bang for your buck when you write blog posts.

9. A blog helps you refine how you present your business and services to clients. Once you get used to keeping a blog, it will become an excellent tool for you to practice how you present and promote what you do. It will also continually inspire you to become a resource for your clients and prospective clients.

10. Answer frequently asked questions in your blog. One technique for creating blog content is to answer questions that you get asked about your products and services. It allows your blog to have an FAQ quality to it. When you get asked those questions in the future you can direct people to those specific blog posts to get the answer to those questions. This is an excellent strategy to not only save you time in answering those questions but to give them exposure to additional blog posts and to your website in general.

Now is the time to get started on that first blog post! If you have any questions about adding a blog to your website and how to optimize your site for your marketing purposes, feel free to contact us.

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