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Online Appointment Scheduling Tools

By July 3, 2023July 21st, 2023No Comments

Hi, this is Jessica with Frog Web Studios and today I’d like to talk about integrating  online appointment or calendar scheduling tools with your WordPress website.  In the last year, we’ve gotten a request from clients a lot to add a calendar or scheduling tool on their website. And what this does is it makes it really easy for a website visitor to book an appointment or schedule a time with your team.

Offer Appointment Scheduling on Your Website

Now the two most popular calendar platforms that we see clients use are Calendly or Acuity and both  of these can be added to a WordPress site very easily. But if you’re looking for a third party scheduling tool, it’s best to look for one that definitely can integrate with your calendar system that your sales team uses such as Outlook or Gmail and then also look for one that can either be embedded or integrated with WordPress.

With Calendly and Acuity, there’s two different ways we could set up the calendar on the site and the appointment booking. One option is to actually adjust some of the calls to action on the website and change some of the buttons to say Schedule an Appointment or Schedule a Call and then when a visitor clicks this, they’re actually directed off-site to a custom landing page on Calendly or on Acuity, and you can actually customize this landing page to have your logo and a nice interface for someone to book an appointment.

And then the second option is where we actually can embed the full calendar and appointment booking system directly into a page on the website, so we’ll typically add this to your contact page or a custom call to action page on the site. So if you have any questions about integrating a calendar system on your site, definitely reach out to our team.

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